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Magnificent Jacket

Posted by Paul Aden

Good quality, Looks and feels great to wear. Nice and warm for the winter. Titanic value for money for a Leather Biker Jacket.


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Fabulous Jacket


Posted by Richard

I love this jacket. I ordered the dark olive as I wanted a change from the normal black. Lovely delicate color, brilliant quality, this jacket will be worn for lots of years to come so a superior investment piece and justifies me spending more than I frequently would on a jacket.

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Incredible Attractive Jacket!

Posted by Shawn

Great jacket at a terrific price. Lovely very elastic leather, huge fit and wonderful sizing.

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Perfect Jacket.

Posted By Jenny

I received my jacket just last week — what an attractive piece of workmanship! The jacket conveys quality and, wow, it’s superb!

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Great jacket!

Posted By Adam

Get this jacket yesterday, already like it… a lot. Incredibly comfortable! I noticed the shoulder and elbow shield. Also, the airflow is huge; it’s still attractive sizzling here, and this thing about feels like a mesh jacket. It is a bit warm though, so you may consider ordering a size superior. .

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Great quality at an affordable price

Posted by Greg

I have owned the jacket to these pants for 6yrs, custom made by bates leathers for $1300. I have wanted the pants but those were an additional $1100 to have made. Then I happen upon this site and saw they had the pants for $329. I was skeptical but decided to order them anyway….to my suprise they arrived and were great quality and matched my existing jacket perfectly. Thanks so much for a great pair of pants.

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Great Jacket

Posted by Joe B.

Awesome jacket. I got compliments from the minute I took it out of the box. It took me 3 days to get the jacket! You just cant ask for better then that. Secondly, damn you guys make a great product. Seriously, I have very high standards and an eye for quality.I am very pleased with the quality and fit of the jacket. I already feel like this one is my best one.

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